Humanity and Evolving Earth

People Are a Little Shaken

We have been taught to experience the Other as a danger; as threatening to our Identity; and anti-thetical to our need for control. We are being conditioned to look for differences and ‘otherness’ rather than commonality. More often than not we are afraid of our communities and fellow citizens rather than experiencing our shared humanity as up-lifting, enlivening, and contributing expansiveness and learning.

But in these times of great promise, where Mind Walking into the Future lies present on our very doorstep, we will need to rely more than ever upon the practice of Openness. Of mutual acceptance.

Cogs in the Big Machine

The old paradigm of predict and control was based on fear and suitable for simple, static conditions typical of machine age mentality. It was designed for preventing any tensions within rigid top-down systems.

The World Has Changed

Post-industrial conditions are characterized by increasing complexity, greater interconnectiveness, shorter time-frames, greater transparency, and enhanced economic and environmental agility. The post-industrial calls for new ideas in the new landscape of dynamic complexity.

This need to unlock a new world-view will rely upon the Creative Images of our Archetypal Soul, which is neither based upon literal facts nor understood via mechanistic viewpoints. Perceived organically through the lenses of metaphor and symbolism, it is lying dormant just beneath the surface, waiting to transform ordinary life into a rich experience of multivalent Meaning.

Evolving Humanity

We have continued to evolve; our society evolves, our dreams evolve, our DNA is changing; even our relationship with matter, time and space are evolving. We are evolving into the future and our change is so great that we would not recognize ourselves if we could foresee it.

This shift is occurring as an intricately ordered whole and there are guide-posts along the way. There is help in the navigation through our daily field of transformation. We can learn to identify the salient characteristics of the various phases and ease our stress and discomfort with skillful re-framing, charting our new course with mastery and aplomb.

After all, we have all requested to be present for this special time in human evolution. Let us take heart and proceed together in fellowship and loving concern for the welfare of Humanity and the Earth we live on.